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What to Pack for a Cruise to Bermuda

Our experienced travelers share tips for how to pack for a Bermuda cruise. Efficiency is a key consideration because you don't want to have to carry more heavy luggage than you have to.

Bermuda is a sunny island with beaches, so definitely bring strong sunscreen, lip balm that includes SPF, sunglasses and a hat. An extra swimsuit is smart because you can allow one to dry while wearing the other. Ladies will want a cover-up. Have sandals for the beach.

A small day pack is very useful for your days on the island. Size it to hold a towel, sunscreen, a book, and other things you'll want.

At Bermuda you should plan to dress casually but well. Do wear long Bermuda shorts. Don't wear short shorts or bathing suits in town. A light sweater is good for cool nights or for over-air-conditioned rooms on the ship. Make sure your walking shoes are comfortable and well broken in before your trip.

Most days on the ship are casual, but a week-long cruise will usually have a formal night too. Your cruise line will tell you what is expected on your ship. You don't have to take part in the formal night, but why not?

In your carry-on bag have your passport and a second form of identification. Cruise documents. Sanitary wipes. Hand sanitizer. Pack copies of your passport and ID in your checked luggage too as a backup.

Watch a cruise packing must-haves video. It's by a smart traveler and includes many ideas. Very informative. And here's a video of what not to pack for a cruise. Do not pack alcohol, illegal drugs, any kind of weapon, candles or flammables, or electric appliances.

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