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The Great Cruise Destinations of the World

Bermuda is just one of the great cruise destinations of the world. Ships often sail to islands or beach resorts, but they also head for a growing list of other exotic destinations.

The Caribbean cruise is the grandaddy of all pleasure cruise destinations. Voyages can typically be divided among western Caribbean cruises (Mexico and the Cayman Islands) or eastern Caribbean. Longer trips sail down into the southern Caribbean.

The Bahamas are often a port-of-call on Caribbean cruises, but they are sometimes a destination unto themselves. Their close proximity to the United States makes them popular for short 3 to 5 day cruises.

Mediterranean cruises are world favorites. History, food, nightlife, scenic wonders, and great weather ... Mediterranean ports have got it all. Voyages are usually either eastern Mediterranean (Greece, Turkey) or western (Spain, France, Italy); but there are grand cruises that cover the entire region.

A Transatlantic cruise will take you between America and Europe. Experience a romantic Atlantic crossing and travel in style. Most Transatatlantic cruises are repositioning voyages in the spring and fall, but there are some sprinkled throughout the summer too. They tend to be great bargains too.

Hawaii cruises are the way to see all the islands the way explorers always have -- from the water. Some Hawaii cruises depart from Honolulu, and some sail from the west coast of the United States.

For something completely different, head for an Alaska cruise. Glaciers, wildlife, and cool weather are just some of the attractions to sailing north.

Speaking of different, how about a Panama Canal cruise through one of the man-made wonders of the world. Canal transits not only feature the fantastic engineering of the locks, but they also take you into both the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Want to see it all? You can, on a world cruise. These exclusive trips literally go around the world, visiting all of the great cruise destinations. Sail away on a great adventure.

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