Bermuda Cruise Guide

Cruise Deals

There are several ways to earn a deal on a Bermuda cruise. Timing is the critical factor in getting a real bargain. The real cheap Bermuda cruises are snapped up by those who either reserve very early or wait until the last minute.

What is Cheap?

Any rate below $100 per day is a cheap cruise. These cruises are all-inclusive vacations that include meals and entertainment. You can't even get a room at a vacation resort for under $100 a day.

One way to get a cheap Bermuda cruise is to wait for a last minute deal. The problem with this strategy is that choices will be limited, or you may get shut out completely. If you're willing to gamble, cruise lines drop the rates on remaining cabins as the date of the cruise approaches. Sometimes you can grab an excellent deal if you are flexible and ready to go.

More Deal Finding Tips

An early-booking discount is often offered if you reserve a cruise more than 8 months ahead of the departure date. You'll also have the best selection of cabins if you book early.

Ask your travel agent about discounts for seniors. Older folks can often get a good deal.

Repeat customers are eligible for some of the best cruise discounts. Sail more than once with the same cruise line and you might get deals, cabin upgrades, priority check-in and more. Stay on the mailing list with any line you sail.

Good luck on finding a great deal, and enjoy your vacation!

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